What does # mean?

What does # mean in this reference:

#if false
     Return resJSON


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Thanks Tim, Though I still can’t figure out what this block means?

It means the compiler won’t compile the code in the statement because it doesn’t evaluate to true.
It’s sort of like commenting out, but tricks the IDE into formatting the code for display.

Conditional compilation. It is typically used with targets but it can also be conveniently used to comment out blocks of code by simply using false. We use sometimes to segregate code that’s for the Mac App Store vs normal web release.

Typical usage:

#if targetWindows //Do Windows stuff here #elseif TargetMacOS //Do MacOS stuff here #else //Linux? #endif

You could use any constant for conditional compilation:

#If cMycondition = "a" Then // Code providing features related to value "a" #ElseIF // Code providing more general features #Endif

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