What does @ mean in FileOpenRecent.Enabled = (FileOpenRecent.Count @gt; 0)

FileOpenRecent.Enabled = (FileOpenRecent.Count @gt; 0)

I have this line of code from the Designing a Recent Items Submenu
By Charles Yeomans from XDEV magazine 2.1 or XDevLibrary.
It appears to no longer be explained in the LR and should be a uhmm reserved character.
What does the @ mean?

I bet that was a mistake in what ever markup was used to make the article and that it should read

FileOpenRecent.Enabled = (FileOpenRecent.Count > 0)

Thanks. I bet that’s it.
Actually it compiles for the debugger. There also words that aren’t in the LR for BinaryStream. That syntax I understand mostly.
This baffles me unless it’s a pointer. I like the idea of “@gt” because the next place it’s mentioned is “@Lt

If you switch the @ for an & it becomes the html entity for greater than and less than which are the > and < symbols.

Ahhh. That makes sense. BTW it got in the article but not the new version from 2007. Don’t know if it is in the online version.

FileOpenRecent.Enabled = (me.RecentItems.Count > 0)

I wonder what other HTML stuff I can use