What do you use as a cursor editor?

I like the new ability to create custom cursors with just a picture. What do people use to edit these and their transparency masks?

It’s pricey and Mac-only, but I use the awesome Opacity.

It’s mainly an incredibly powerful icon editor, but will do cursors, too. I see from the website that they now have a cheaper “express” version; I’m not sure if that one supports cursors or what the differences are.

Finding a paint program that does what you want, and only what you want is difficult. I’m partial to Acorn (Flying Meat software), but even it tries to be too smart some times. Especially when just trying to draw simple things (like cursors). PaintBrush (Soggy Waffles: http://paintbrush.sourceforge.net) is a really simple (and free) solution that will do the trick.

I haven’t tried Opacity, but for approximately the same money you can get “PaintCode”:


which will allow you to generate graphics for use in your applications in a way that no other paint program can. It is seriously useful.

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Take a look at Art Text

It’s not just for text. Has a nice library of icons and buttons which make good starting points for your own design.

I use PaintDS… of course I’m partial to it since I wrote it as well :slight_smile: (100% RealStudio by the way)

www.awicons.com Looks like it was written 10 years, but really is intuitive and quick to work with.

Thx all for the tips. I’ll explore these options.

Free online photoshop subset from autodesk is great for transparent icons.
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[quote=29075:@Carlos Milon Silva]
Free online photoshop subset from autodesk is great for transparent icons.
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This one looks perfect except for some crazy reason the pencil tool will not edit a pixel at a time (essential for cursors), but diffuses/antialiases.


I use the brush tool instead, with settings: square, diameter 1 pixel, spacing 1 pixel, hardness 100%, hard tip, 100% opacity.
The pencil tool does not have the same options.

I found this out too but alas the eraser does not erase pixels atop a transparent background for some reason (unless I’m missing something again); erases them to white rather than empty no matter what.

Another even better solution seems to be: http://sourceforge.net/projects/seashore/

This app does everything you need and is also free. Looks excellent.


My old copy of Photoshop CS3 (before it crashes, which it frequently likes to do).