What do I need to do to sell what I develop using XOJO to 3rd parties

I am a typical in-house developer. I know the business I am working in so I can program a very focused database that meets that business specific needs , very well.
That application I developed appears to be marketable, I’d like to be able to sell it to other similar businesses. But now I’m a fish out of water . . . I haven’t tried to sell applications before.
I’ve looked at other platforms , i.e. FileMaker Pro but want to consider XOJO.
What do I need to do to sell what I develop using XOJO to 3rd parties ?
What do I need to sell to my customer so that they can use what I have developed in XOJO ?
Any other suggestions you can make.
Thanks for any assistance you can provide

You need to buy a software license from Xojo so you can build executables for whatever platforms you’re targeting.

Once you have a software license from Xojo, you only need to sell customers your software, nothing else. The Xojo software license enables and permits you to build executables that can be distributed.

Visit https://xojo.com/store/about.php and Xojo: Downloads: Extras for the details.

I’ve never dine it but that won;t stop me from commenting ! :wink:

First as in inHouse developer, typically what you to create for your employer belongs to the employer and would not be yours to sell without their permission.

You need a Xojo build license that you own (not your employer)

You will need to sign the apps (and installer) which cost money

For Windows an installer is usually expected. For mac a DMG is typical.

Of course you need nice icons and documentation

Xojo apps are self contained so besides an installer what is needed depend on what the app needs.

Also see:





Hi Jack,

In addition to the great recommendations above here are a few direct tools I have used that work well based on many Forum post searches myself.

OSx Platform:

  1. Code Signing, Sandboxing, etc. App Wrapper

  2. DMG Creator (easy, professional, and cheap) Drop DMG

  3. Incase you want to get your App on the MAS start here: Apple Dev Program

  4. MacOSLib for Xojo - This has A TON of awesome classes/modules, but specifically speaking for MAS/iTunes preparation code this has the CertTools module you will need. MacOSLib on GitHub

  5. Free Cool icons – (Paul Recommended this many times and I use them alot) – Fat Cow Icons

HTH and Good luck!