What Display Drivers Do I need To Run Xojo Version 2017


Maybe some of you guys already know this issue. Most of the time I have been using RealStudio2012r2.1 or Xojo2016r3 without any problems. Last month I installed Xojo 2017r2.1 and when Xojo was running; only few windows was displayed. During login the logo was gone, and the browser window in project chooser was not displayed either. That time the feedback was working and I was told I need to install some direct2D drivers.

I installed directx version 11 and Xojo2017R2.1 works again for awhile.

But now when I try to run Xojo2017R2.1 I get the same problem, also after I have installed the latest Feedback, I’m not able to see any windows any more in the feedback.

Also I find it strange these windows drivers are not mentioned in System Requirements (http://developer.xojo.com/system-requirements), so I don’t have to spent so much time digging around. Reinstall Xojo 2017r2.1 did not work either.

Any suggestion how to fix this on windows 7 Pro 64bit ?

Hi John,

There are a few things that might cause this, and one is that Xojo upgraded to Direct2D/DirectWrite from GDI/GDI+. Here is the link to update Direct2d on Windows 7 which requires a platform update to Windows 7: Platform Update for Windows 7. Direct 2D is not the same as Direct X, which is why there shouldn’t be a difference when installing Direct X.

If this issue is happening in a program where pictures are not showing, then the old NewPicture command has been deprecated and use New Picture instead.

Let me know if this helps.

Edit: There could be more solutions, and these are the easy solutions.

As Eugene said already the only things that I know of that could cause this problem are:

  1. not having Windows 7 SP1 insatlled
  2. not having Platform update for Windows 7 SP1 installed

If you are unsure, just find your installed updates and check it for KB2670838, if that is missing and you are on SP1 then install from number 2 above only.

I hope it helps.

If not, try posting some screenshots of what you’re seeing, try to narrow it down to which controls are causing it etc, as much info as you can provide helps.

Stay with Xojo2016r3 until the Windows version is stable again.

Hi Guys,

Thanks for your quick response :slight_smile:

Here is the creepy part of windows patch updates.

My windows platform was already equipped with Windows 7 SP1, and patch KB2670838 has been installed since 2014.

So I uninstalled patch KB2670838, and guess what; now Xojo 2017 works again. I still have directX installed.

If Microsoft had to pay me for the time I spent on windows every time, for a new windows update or new application installed. I would be able to buy a new car.

@John Hansen - upgrading to Windows 10 would also help since you won’t lose functionality and stability compared to Windows 7.

I have to agree with Langue and Joost. Stick with 2016r3 for Windows for the time being and update your Window environment to Windows 10. I was pulling my hair out for 2 weeks before I got the tip to go back to 2016r3 for the time being.

In light of that, I also have good intel that this will most likely be resolved in an upcoming Xojo release …