What can you add to a module?

I’m trying to add a webcontainer class to a module but it won’t go.
I’m trying to add some styles to it… nor will they.
I’m trying to add some pictures to it… nor will they.

Wasn’t this answered here?

You’re right… sorry that thread was taken into a completely different subject.
I had hoped that this was the type of thing that could be a feature request.
I’m trying to make modules that are re usable in different projects but I find I need to grab lots of things from one project just to be able to use it in another project. I had really thought that that was the purpose of a module, but it seems that a module still has limitations.
Sorry for the double question…

Maybe put all it is required in a folder instead and move/copy the folder?

A folder is the way to go. Drag the folder into your project and viola, you’re done.

So if I post my WebDynaView project, having put icons (Pictures) into a folder then people who take the download will get those resources? (I believe not.)

I thought modules were there to assist users in making portable objects.
Having just a classes and enumerations and methods seems limiting.

But I do see your point at least for my own local use folders may do the trick.

Your project exists as a collection of files on disk. When you compile, it combines them, not before. If you want to share the project, you must share all the files. A folder helps there, as well.

I will assume you mean a folder in the project.

Actually, I was thinking folder on disk. But I tend to think of them as equivalent, as I share a lot of code between projects.