What can be Me in a Method’s Window

I had a long standing bug in an image resizing method (in a window).

Sometimes, I get an eye on this kind of code hoping to discover “why the bug”…

And minutes ago, I was asking myself what that Me.Height could be in a Method.

I looked carefully and think that Me refers to a Canvas, and replaced me with the Canvas reference.

All of a sudden, the bug disappears.

After some minutes (doing something else), I realized that the Method where the bug resides before its removal probably was in that Canvas long time ago.

For some unknow reason, the linker / compiler / whatever (Xojo) was not complaining about it before I changed the code.

But my question remains: what Me refers to in a Method ?

For Info: that line of code was used to center the resized image in the Canvas (the X value of the g.DrawPicture call).
And, yes, now the image is centered and the real bug is squashed. (the image appears regardless of its original size)…

me or self refers to the window if it is in a window’s method.
me refers to a control if it is in a control event
self refers to the window or container control surrounding the control in a control event.

Thats it !

The image was a bit too to the right - and the Canvas have 20 (left) and 20 (Right) pixels for margins… and is now correctle centered…

Thank you Jean-Yves.

You can get some reassurance by hovering with the mouse over the “me” in the code editor. The description line will show the class of “me”.

You are correct Ulrich !

But the main problem (for me and in this case) was to realize there is a Me in a Method here…