What are Old-style constructor methods

This is on PC desktop
I get a message for the constructor for a window, “Old-style constructor methods are no longer supported”. I can’t find any explanation. Please point me in the correct direction

I have this code for a window’s constructor:
bmsg = New BoxMssage( 0, err.ErrorNumber + EOL + "Can't Make a Date with this Information: " + zDatStr, "", mthd )

bmsg is the local variable

This is the method’s parameter.
//tip As Integer, bText As String, ttle As String, mthd As String

I think the old-style constructors were methods with the same name as the class. Ex. “MyClass with method MyClass” or “MyWindow with method MyWindow”

Thanks. That’s confusing here.
bmsg is type BoxMssage which should be okay, and is okay everywhere else. I have several window constructors and this is the only place.

In fact. This is the only time this callout is flagged.

If err.ErrorNumber is a number, try to convert it to string before concatenation.

In any case the compiler message is cryptic.

Thanks all. I forgot to put in .ToString

bmsg = New BoxMssage( 0, err.ErrorNumber.ToString + EOL + "Can't Make a Date with this Information: " + zDatStr, "", mthd )