What are old style constructor methods? Use constructor instead

I have seen this error message so often that it can’t be old anymore - it must be antique.

But I still have not a clue what it means.

For example:
Dim b As New cnvButton2( btnName, btnIcon, btnIcon_on, type_toggle, btnTag)
gives that message

Dim p as new picture(1,1,32)

What is it really trying to tell me?

This would indicate that cnvButton2 has a method on it called cnvButton2, which was a constructor in the old days (pre-2005).

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It doesn’t. Can it mean something else?

Did you check all the supers of cnvButton2?

Yes, its just a canvas.

Can you post the class?

Maybe the signature of the constructor is the same as an old type canvas?

I meant, can you share a copy of the class we can test for that message here?

Ah. When I now put the same class into a new project it doesn’t raise the same error anymore.

Glad I could fix that for you.


Well, not quite Ken, as copying that back to the original project keeps the same error. So I can see the error, but can’t see a way to share with you - without posting the whole project.

(That was meant to be funny. Guess not.)

:rofl: I was laughing - really!
I think I’ll just put it down to one of those OJOX things.
As its a small class I will re-write it and see if it re-occurs.

Ah, found it. It’s nothing to do with old-style constructor methods. Just a missing parameter in the constructor call. Perhaps a feedback required if I could reproduce it.

Glad I could fix that for… uh, never mind.

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