Well that’s not good…

Some sort of memory issue here - I was just highlighting the code in this method and it suddenly started beachballing on me. Managed to get some screenshots so I could recreate my code (only about 20 minutes worth but still annoying). macOS Big Sur 11.01 and Xojo 2020r2.1

This started some month ago: sometimes, I assume when in memory is low - I lost the Recents Sub-Menu from the Apple Menu…

It comes back later…
El Capitan (with or without Xojo)

Had that kind of leak only once, still don’t know where it came from and how to reproduce.
Since then i had some odd things in the IDE for example changing string in the const editor or in an Event handler paramters it won’t fully add the strings … etc.

Pasted string hold characters not in the Clipboard !

Memory management in macOS seems to be affected by your installation.

tl;dr: Performing a clean install of the macOS can improve memory management.

For several years while I was running 10.11, I started to get into memory problems, I knew I needed more memory, but Apple didn’t make a laptop with more RAM than 16GB. As time went by these got worse and worse to the point the machine would freeze and reboot.

A clean install, made it behave again.

Back in early 2020 I bought a brand new 16" MBP with 32GB of RAM, it was terrible. Turns out “Migration Assistant” had bodged the migration up, (AppleCare are aware that Migration Assistant has been broken for some time now). In the end I returned the machine as there was a bug in Catalina that meant I couldn’t do the job I bought it for and had to go back to my 2012 running Mojave.

Summer of 2020 and 2012 machine was failing regularly, so I took the plunge again, they’d been several “updates” to Catalina and this time, I did a slow migration. It continues to behave much better with memory than before.

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Unfortunately I have to second that. For years I didn’t do a clean install. Latest since Catalina it seems to be a must. Big Sur 11.2 doesn’t seem to be any better. Didn’t dig into it yet, but I am seeing all the sudden spontaneous slow downs … :frowning: .

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Maybe try Onyx and remove all system caches (including kernels).