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There are a few threads created which talk about the old days of computing. An internet archive has put some of these classic games online! Although they don’t have sound yet, you can try and improve your scores on the latest computer browsers!

Below is the link and click on your favorite gaming console. There is a large selection of games! Oh, and sound will eventually be added to these games - just for fun :slight_smile:

So get your trigger fingers ready and compare scores from the old days!

The Console Livingroom

Thanks for posting this great link Eugene.

I found a great ZX Spectrum emulator for my iPhone through the link, and had some fun playing old ZX Spectrum games from 1984 on my phone. The emulator even loads the binary data of the games similar to how it did back in the day… from audio tapes… except it now uses .wav files.

If you told me in 1984 (when I wrote my first Basic program on the ZX Spectrum), that one day I’ll be able to play these exact same games, on a phone that doesn’t even have to be connected to a wire to operate… I never would have believed you.