Welcome to Koblenz - Casual Get Together before the conference

Some people already arrived so we look forward of being at the restaurant in contel hotel tonight.

If you are her please join us!

We have a few people for dinner tomorrow and 25 for Wednesday :slight_smile:
On Thursday is the evening event with all attendees.
On Friday we probably also have 15 people for dinner left in hotel.
And don’t forget: the talk between session is where the most value is: get connected, learn what others do and meet people you only know from this forum.

We got a lovely sign on the table so you can easier find us.

25 people should be there tonight. Looking forward to meet you here!

Now sitting on the bar. Who wants a drink?

14 people already :slight_smile:

See you guys in two minutes …

Now in restaurant

I tink we are at 30 people :slight_smile:

And already two here looking to employ a developer for their company?
Someone looking here for a job?

Want cake?

See you later for dinner.
18 o’clock at bar and later in restaurant.