Weird sslSocket DataAvailable event bug...

I just encountered a strange bug, which about had me pulling my hair out, and not sure if/how it could be replicated. Problem was, after initiating a secure connection… the DataAvailable event on the ‘listening’ system was not firing. I tried to debug and look through everything 100 times, and couldn’t find out what was causing it. I thought it was something in the Xojo framework. Out of desperation, I copied the contents of the DataAvailable event handler… removed it… added it again, and pasted the code. It worked! What the heck would’ve caused this?

This happened to me when I had a copy of the console app running as a Windows service in the background grabbing the data. Could you have another copy running somewhere which just timed out in the meantime?

Nope, that definitely wasn’t the case. I’m still pondering what could’ve caused it. I frequently save my source (I use the XML) as I’m making changes. Best guess (and I could be way off here), is something in the XML pertaining to that particular event was corrupt/off. Removing the event and creating a new one reassociated it with fresh identifiers. Again, I dunno… but this is the closest I can come up with. Had I not experienced/seen it myself, I wouldn’t have believed it. I did have a witness, though. So I know I wasn’t going crazy or overlooked something as you mentioned.