Weird result for TextArea.SelectionPlain…


The text comes from the Documentation’ Introduction text (I only show the word Introduction since only that is relevant here…)

Before pasting the html header text, I copied the Introduction firsts lines, then set: TextArea1.SelectionStart = 0 TextArea1SelText = Add_String

And you get the result below:


The default size is 24 pts… the space between lines comes from the Introduction line.

So, where is applied the SelectionPlain ?

OK, I used:

TextArea1SelectionBold     = False
TextArea1SelectionItalic   = False
TextArea1SelectionFontName = "System"
TextArea1SelectionFontSize = 13

BTW: It was a test; for final code, I have to change the color to black, and read the documentation in case I forgot some other styles…

And this make my text “good looking for me” excepted the space between lines (before, after or both).
That is why I checked TextArea1.SelectionPlain.

Do you know how it is supposed to works ?

BTW: I read the documentation and it states:

If True, the selected text is plain. If the selected text is styled (e.g., Bold), setting SelectionPlain to True changes it to Plain.