Weird errors on XOJO 2022 R2, after latest updates

Can someone explain if adding a new version of XOJO affects the previous ones ?

XOJO 2022 R2
MacOS Monterey

I build the project until 2 days ago super ok, no errors all works, i just downloaded 2022 R 3.2 to see it and now my project does not work anymore even if i did not open it ever with the latest one.

I get errors that my Module that i add in ProjectItemsToInclude on the worker don’t exist. then i see the docs where clearly says :

To include all classes and modules, enter IncludeAllClassesAndModules . I add that and i get error “Project Item ‘IncludeAllClassesAndModules’ in ProjectItemsToInclude could not be copied because it does not exist.” Any idea what in the world is this mess ?

And one more issue , apparently On Sign part on MacOS , the developerID does not get saved and i need to input every time , Applies to is always disabled and set to both. How we can have this to properly work ? Was this even fixed in the latest version ? do i need to open a case for it ?


What classes should be included for your worker?

How do you codesign your app? I don’t understand your problem.

Well i guess i was pretty clear based on the docs , and in the docs they stated Enter one project item per line. but i see on your side a “,” between them, which i tried as well.

To be clear i do have a class called ImportProcess and i did add it to the Project Items to include and now i get the error that IDE cannot find that class , and the project worked perfectly until i downloaded the latest IDE , now no idea if that is a coincidence or not .

As for the Signing part you do have an option on IDE On Build Settings → Sign , where you put your DeveloperID and the app gets signed automatically , that was introduced i guess in the earlier versions.


Are you sure your IDE do not “lost” your License Number ?
Try to build the application/Save As the project to xml or Text and you will get that information (in a warning dialog).

nope, i deleted all , put license back , run XOJO again, same issue, but the funny part is that the app gets build but only that the error is on the result now. So i’ll see if the app works then i will just ignore that and if in case i have the budget to upgrade i will , for now honestly i will not waste 800 $ just to discover that maybe it is broken on the latest version as well . as unfortunately the error is on build time only.

Did you cleared the Xojo caches ?
(In the preferences window)

already done that

Sorry. My ideas’ box is now empty.

thanks a lot, i guess i wait for XOJO maybe to provide a solution as apparently none of what is in their docs works on this case

Did you fired Disk Utils to check your Hard Disk(s)?

This feature was only added “recently” and is not valid in older versions of the IDE. So yes, that could affect building with older versions.

I’ve seen the Developer ID thing, and yes, if you’re editing in a version earlier than 2022r1, it’s entirely possible that the value is being stripped as it didn’t exist before then.

Hi Greg,

Well the funny part is that the app was working well until 2 days ago without any errors. Any idea in which version that was added ? as i do the dev in 2022R2 as this was the last covered by the license


All of that was added before 2022r2.

I have seen the developer ID thing though, but haven’t been able to isolate it yet.

Well i guess that should not happen i guess , as i should be on the good version but still it happens, can i ask you a favor, if in case you can replicate those as well the worker issue, if you could file bug reports that would be great , unfortunately i cannot test the newer version to see if issue was fixed or not

Re: the Developer ID thing

Thanks Tim, it says there it was fixed, now , no idea in what version and if it really was fixed .

Got it , Thanks Beatrix, i guess i’ll wait for 2023 R 1