Weird Error: Static reference to instance method

I have copied stuff over from one web project to another but now I am getting lots of errors like the one below on different pages. No idea how where to even start to look for the issue.

pgusers_tenants_xrefList.Name Static reference to instance method: call this on an instance of class Session.Session. pgusers_tenants_xrefList

Could that be a reference to a method in session that doesn’t exist in the new project?

The session does not appear to have any methods on either the original or new. The screenshot shows the original on the right and the new on the left and they look exactly they same to me.

I have also just analysed the project and found the following error which might be related but not sure.

Pasting in the second project tried to rename the Session object to Session1.

Ah yes i see that now. Thanks