Weird crash with radio buttons

I have the newest version and have had some odd crashes with copying and pasting radio buttons (with rectangles to hide the white background) that I never had previously. I did send in the report when it prompted me, has anyone else had these issues? Windows 8.1 here, plenty of memory, not much else running really.

I had issues when dragging groups of radio buttons from one ContainerControl to the other.

There is one technical group of them, but they are separated into three different Group Boxes (which affects how Xojo and the Compiler see and group them.) When I moved them all of the ControlGroups got screwed up, and Undo crashed Xojo. I figured it was a really specific and odd crash, so I didn’t make a feedback item. When I tried to send the prompted report though Xojo died in a fire, not sure if the report made it.

I have worked around to not have to move them, but I find the way radio buttons are handled to be a bit clunky.

Mac OS 10.9.4; Xojo 2014r2

Yep same here, did get through a report (I think anyway). It crashed just now with a “fatal error and must close” thing after moving a radio button to a control group.

Now THERE’S a plugin I would buy: Radio Buttons that look nice and work less clunky than the ones supplied with Xojo! :slight_smile: