Weird codesign error

I’m getting a codesign error that I can’t work out where it is coming from:

The app folder is empty, this is correct:

  • The error only shows up for ARM and not for Intel.
  • I have an IDE communicator script which builds different apps (helper, uninstaller, app and installer). When I use the IDE communicator script the error shows up. When I build the installer manually then the error doesn’t show up.
  • There are quite a few IDE scripts in the installer app. The error shows up after the end of the last IDE script.

Is this the adhoc codesigning? It can’t be the final codesign because that happens earlier. Of course, I could do a copy instead of a move for the installer app.

Yes, and if you believe there’s a legitimate issue here then please file a feedback case with some sample scripts you’re using that can help us reproduce it, thanks.

Adhoc codesigning doesn’t make any sense here. The app is already codesigned. Implicit steps never are a good idea.

Is the Ad-Hoc signing being performed AFTER the scripts are being called? If so, this can cause issues if someone is debugging an application that uses certain Apple API and these require explicit certificates.

Yes, that’s what I’m seeing. Doesn’t make much sense when the app is already codesigned.

I added some comments to the existing Feedback report: <>

To me, I understand why they want to do this after the scripts are run, in case people are adding things to the app using scripts, or modifying plists, yada yada.

My concern is the Ad-Hoc signing might be overwriting the code signature that is applied by App Wrapper, which would make people’s apps crash if they’re trying to use certain Apple API, as these need to be signed with a corresponding identity.

As I don’t yet have an asMac, I personally cannot validate this concern.

I don’t think that this happens. Otherwise, notarisation with AppWrapper would give an error.

Thanks the gods I now have my ARM version ready and notarised.

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Good point.