Weird bug/malfunction in Windows

Hi all…

I am attaching a link to a small video (WindowsBug - YouTube) showing you a “bug” I am experimenting in the Windows Desktop version of my software.
This does not happen in the Mac version.

As you see when the window is opened and a click on the “tabs” (labels) is done, there is no response at all.
BUT if the canvas with a white padlock is clicked then the “tabs” works like expected.
Of course the canvas is some trick I found in order to let the tabs work BUT notice that the code of the click event in the canvas just makes it invisible.


As I told you this ONLY happen in windows. Tabs work fine since the window is opened in the Mac version and no trick is needed

I am using Xojo 2022 r1

I will appreciate any idea in order to avoid the trick of the padlock.
Thanks a lot

In this second Window you open, there is a padlock to the left of the tabs. Once you click on it, then the tabs work. What is changed when you click on the padlock ?

The padlock Visible property is changed to False.

In other words, the padlock trick/workaround is just a Canvas that turns invisible when you click on it and in windows that allows the “tabs” to work just by making the Canvas Visible = False. That is weird and I can’t help you.

You can create a case in Issues and attach a sample (if you can reduce your project and replicate the problem) or your complete app (there is an option to make the post private).

Replicate the problem in a small sample code. I tend to think that you have some bug in your code.

Can’t see such thing using segmented button in Xojo 2021r3.1 on Windows.

I dont know… that is why I said is weird… as I said, in the mousedown event nothing is done to justify that after that tabs begin to work

I will open a case. Thanks

Probably using a segmented button it works fine. I use labels because I want that the windows version and the mac version looks identical. I what to have control with colors and sizes. Thanks.