Weird automount of a local volume when I open a specific project


In the past few days, I’ve been debugging a project on two computers, both running the IDE directly. The project is located on one of them; with the other computer, I used the afp file sharing and used the project remotely (still on the local IDE).
I eventually came back on my main computer (the one having the project stored on) after many switches and re-opened the project file as usual. This time, Xojo hung for a while and I saw my “Documents” volume mounting in the Finder (that is, my project file is stored on a separate volume in my Mac; Xojo decided to mount (using afp) this volume that is on the very same computer as the IDE (something I can’t even do using the Finder…)). I understand Xojo may have saved a reference to my computer’s address in the project file while I was working with the other computer and, blindly, it needs to mount that reference without checking it’s the same computer.
I didn’t mind, as it was just mounting a volume I have access, until I woke up this morning; yesterday, I unmounted all my volumes before putting the Mac to sleep. Today, I made “significant” changes to my project and wanted to save, having forgotten the volume was not mounted anymore. Xojo hung while starting to save and I could do nothing else than re-launch it. Upon relaunch, Xojo told me it found unsaved changes; I clicked “restore” but nothing happened (I was left with a useable UI with no window open and could open the last state of my project). So I became interested in resolving this weird fact.

Other than using Arbed (or other shareware apps) or saving the project as text, cleaning it, then saving back as binary (since conversions always result in data loss somehow), how may I tell Xojo to resolve the network path to the self-computer volumes and save it in the project?

Open the project with the ability to access the volume, then select File > Collect Project Items and save the project.

Alright, this worked! One of those menu items you eventually notice once but forget about until you need it and you don’t even think of it…
Thank you!