Weekends work

Other than coding and IT work I love DIY, especially working with wood. This was this weekends activity. Picket fence around area of garden. One section still to go.


That looks absolutely stunning mark! Really puts my garden to shame :joy:


Thanks Robin. It was my wifes ‘vision’ and I get to make it. Feel like I’ve been slow cooked in an oven given the unbelievable April sun we have been experiencing.


I also love housework and woodworking. It helps to distract and relax, switch and then look at your work with a fresh perspective. Over the past year, my hobbies have received a good impetus, I have purchased a lot of devices to calmly and without a headache to do different work.

I agree Kay - I find development work mentally exhausting so love doing DIY and building my woodwork knowledge too. Slowly acquiring the tools needed to do most wood work jobs - need a workshop now though so that’s next on the list to build. Do you specialise in any particular area of wood working like furniture, turning etc?

When I’m not in front of my computer I do gardening:

Like you I need that to compensate for development work.

I read that gardening is making a comeback in Corona times. However, I haven’t see any improvements in the death zones of my little village.


Very pretty Beatrix. I love a well planted and cared for garden.

Beers at @Mark_Mitchell1 's backyard!

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I got carried away with creating furniture, but so far my skills are very modest. And you’re right, to constantly engage in self-development, intellectual work is very tiring, perhaps even more than physical work. Muscles regenerate much faster than the nervous system.

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