Wednesday Xojo Show and Tell Hangout (2020-08-26)

Wednesday Xojo Show and Tell Hangout

Topic: Machine Learning Demo (@Jim_Meyer )
Time: 2020-08-26T18:00:00Z (local time, 40 minutes)

Meeting ID: 892 7317 7986




Looking forward to Jim’s demo! This starts in 10 minutes!

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'Twas awesome (as always).

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Finishing my last thought: An AI system that works 99% of the time can be a disaster waiting to happen… because the person that is there to deal with the 1% is not going to paying attention. We have already seen this with Tesla cars.



Tech wont fix every ill ??? OMG !!!

A few references I talked about:

Alpha Go documentary:

Google AutoML:

The 7 Steps of Machine Learning:

For the real serious:

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Thank you Jim, it was really nice!. It was also nice to replace a lot of avatars with real faces :slight_smile:

Daniel Shiffman, from The Coding Train, has a lot of material about neural networks, from basic perceptrons to classifying data, explained for human beings.

It’s really fun to code a program that learns how to play Flappy Bird by itself, using evolutionary steering behaviours. Beyond ML, his book The Nature of Code (pay as you want, from $0), it’s all about the idea of giving “life” to a bunch of pixels on the screen, and it’s pretty inspirational.

Thanks again for the demo!


I can see it now From Flappy Bird to SkyNet in 3 Easy Steps

30 years from now
“Yeah, remember that nuclear war in 2021?, it was just a JavaScript mistake, the guy forgot to write a this<dot> before the variable, and that’s how T2000 came into life, basically.”


I huge thank you to @Jim_Meyer for presenting today! It was very worthwhile thank you Jim.

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