WebUploadedFile - Name property varies according to browser

We have a simple WebUploader as part of a collaboration application. If the application is accessed via Opera then the WebUploadedFile.Name contains JUST the filename (without the client path). If the application is accessed via IE then the WebUploadedFile.Name contains the full client path.

Hence we then get Error 123 if we use the Name property, particularly if the client path includes a file from a share (e.g. “T:” or UNC path).

Is there a quick workaround for this inconsistent behaviour (presumably from the browser) so we only get the filename, excluding any path?

Sounds like a bug. Did you report with Feedback?

Awaiting response. Have coded a workaround using split(String,"") and this seems to have desired result…just to get the client able to upload files.

It would be helpful to know which version of IE you’re talking about. I just checked IE8 and it’s working just fine.

Edit: I just checked this on IE8 - IE11 and cannot reproduce this bug. When you file a bug report, please make sure to include a simple project that shows this issue.

I can confirm this behaviour in IE9.0.8112.16421, update version 9.0.33

What are you confirming? That it works properly or that it doesn’t work properly?

That it doesn’t work properly Greg. WebUploadedFile.Name contains the full path where we would expect only the name of the file.