Webtoolbars responsiveness

I am preparing a web app to help teachers, students and parents to log and to track all the school activities.
The project i’ve developed interface a database hosted on a Microsoft SQL server and let the teachers insert all their activities, student evaluations, messages to students, parents, and so on.

When i have created the interface i have created web pages that uses many webtoolbars components, and i have used many webcontainers that contains webtoolbars.
When i use the web app from a desktop computer (Windows or Mac), everything works fine on almost every browser (Internet Explorer ignores trasparencies but it works fine).
When i use a tablet (iPad, Android) the behavior of webtoolbars is very strange.
It seems to me that webtoolbars inserted directly in web pages works fine in almost all type of browser.
The behavior of webtoolbars changes when they are included in a webcontainer.
In iPad Safari i have to “push” for a little more time that a “tap” on the buttons of the toolbars to activate the events.
In iPad Chrome or in Android tablet some toolbars doesn’t work at all.
A user reports to me that in Firefox mobile on a Android device the behaviour sometimes is the opposite to Chrome on the same tablet.

Does anyone have a suggestion ?
I have to drop the use of webtoolbars inside webcontainers and i have to use buttons instead ?

Thank you for any help you can provide.

Marco Puppo

Thank you

Tablet behavior (especially WebKit browsers) with some Web Edition things is a little weird because the framework seems to be waiting for touch events to convert to clicks.

I’ve worked around a lot of these issues for Studio Stable Web Essentials, which you can try here:


In which way i should use your Studio Stable Web Essentials to overcome the problems i’ve written in my post.

In your extensions there are no references to webtoolbars, so i may think that i should use your new classes regarding web pages and other controls.

No problems to buy a license of your product.

Thank you


My bad. I misread as WebSegmentedControl. The Web Essentials version works really nicely for page navigation.