WebToolBar on iPad

Finally, I uploaded my little project on a Linux Server with perfect results. The project has a webtoolbar with 5 buttons to navigate through different webpages by means of WebPage. Show on each one.
The problem comes about when I use Safari on iPad, then the toolbar only responds the first time and the web app stays freeze with no response until it is reloaded again.
I would like to know if there are some issues related to webtoolbar on IOS, or I am using a wrong method to navigate through the web project.

I ditched using the WebToolbar in projects a year ago. It was just a little too flakey, especially with mobile, and I didn’t have time to track down and report all the issues. That said, create a simple project that demonstrates the problem and submit a Feedback report. If you can figure out what platforms it works well on, and which it doesn’t, that would be even better. That’s how these things get fixed.

Thanks Brad for your comments. I am still working around on this issue, but I keep in mind our suggestions.