WebTimer Restart Issue

I cannot get the WebTimer to “restart” after executing code in the Action event. As I understand it, I have a label I am updating with the progress of a user login and need to allow 100ms for UI to update and display the label text changes. I get to “Updating budgets…”, then nothing. Am I going about this all wrong?

[code]Sub Action()
Dim bLogin As Boolean = True

Select Case mLoginStep
Case 1 ’ Update account balances
Self.ccLogin1.lblProgress.Text = “Updating account totals…”

bLogin = False

Self.ccLogin1.lblProgress.Text = "Updating budgets..."

Case 2 ’ Update budgets

Case else
Self.ccLogin1.lblProgress.Text = “Done”

ccLogin1.pwStatus.Visible = False

End Select

if bLogin then
mLoginStep = mLoginStep + 1
me.Mode = Timer.ModeOff
me.Mode = Timer.ModeSingle


end if

End Sub

Try using reset


Thanks Greg.