Hi All,

I have setup a WebThread with some long running codes inside. The situation is, I have a list of records on a WebListBox. User click on the first record and then press a button say “Calculate” that triggers the WebThread to run. As the long running process is in the background, user can click on the next record and press again the “Calculate” button. The question is: do I have to wait under the first thread to finish or the framework will start another instance of the thread?

Thanks in advance.

no, both run at the same time.

Any workaround? What if I need to have the same method to run with different parameters (say 2 or more different records) simultaneously?

Both will run at the same time.

Sorry Greg, I don’t quite understand, there is no properties for me to set for the thread and I can’t pass parameters into the thread either, how can I tell the thread which record should it work on?

you make subclass of WebThread and add properties to the class.

oic thanks Christian and Greg