Webtextfield type number no arrow control

How may take out from a webtextfield type number the arrows to increase and decrease ?

Don’t set the field as Type Numeric

Yep, that’s simple, I need the field accepting just number, tab and arrows so Number Type was good for what i Need.

The “field type” doesn’t restrict data entry. It’s merely to change suggested input controls on some browsers. This feature and what it does vary by browser and field type. Set it to the type you expect, but don’t rely on it to filter or clean data.

Many Thanks Tim, I’ll use my old Class prepared for that .

That made the Job, in the Shown Event :
‘only allow delete/backspace/tab and numbers
me.ExecuteJavaScript(" $(’#"+me.ControlID+"’).keypress(function(e) { var allow_key_codes = [8,9,46,48,49,50,51,52,53,54,55,56,57]; if ( $.inArray(e.keyCode , allow_key_codes) < 0 ) { e.preventDefault(); } }) ; ")

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