WebTextField SetFocus or SelectAll in Safari iOS


I have a Xojo Web App, and wished to .SelectAll on a WebTextField in Safari (Mobile) - iOS (highlight the wtf text and hopefully launch the iOS keyboard). I have tried many variations including .ExecuteJavascript with no success.

I read an old post from 2014, however I am not sure of the current state of play in respect of this issue.

Any advice gratefully accepted.

Kind regards, Andrew

It is very simple : iOS browsers (actually, all of them are Safari underneath) require an action of the user to set focus or select text.
Apple’s decision.

There is simply no way around I know of, JavaScript or otherwise.

The best you could do is signal through a border or something like a bubble to the user he has to tap into the field.

Thanks Michel, I did anticipate that would be the case.

Merry Christmas!

Kind regards, Andrew