WebTextField not getting all text if browser autocomplete is used

I’ve noticed that Safari will off to autocomplete some fields in a Xojo app, presumably based on their names or if you’ve entered text into these fields on a previous visit. However, if you let safari fill in the webtextfield for you, Xojo doesn’t see that text. It only sees the characters you actually typed into the field, or it will see the whole text if you change one character in the field before you perform an action on it.

Is there any way to get Xojo to see the autocompleted text without requiring some sort of user intervention?

I’ve noticed this on Chrome. It works ok if you use the keyboard (use the arrow keys to select the option) but not if you use the mouse.

There is a property in the textfield inspector under behavior “AutoComplete” which I set to off.

I did experiment with that switch and Safari does seem to respect it for autocomplete, but not forms autofill. That is still a potentially large problem. I’m wondering if I’m going to have to start naming things oddly so the browser won’t understand that it can autofill those fields.