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The js patch fires the session.HashTagChanged event on GotFocus but .LostFocus doesn’t fire. I fear I am on the edge of a rabbit hole of patching to workaround what should be core functionality. Thanks for trying anyhow.

Here I am spending hours attempting to patch a .GotFocus event on a TextField. How is that user friendly?

JavaScript has a steep learning curve but it can do what it claims it can do and what it is reasonably expected to do. Crucially, JavaScript will not leave one trapped in a cul-de-sac with a fundamentally dysfunctional release.

How dysfunctional does Xojo need to be before you would accept it is the manufacturer and not the customer who is at fault?

Just apply the onblur event, using the same technique I posted, and you will have the lostfocus event.

After all, if you plan on switching to an all JavaScript development, that will be a good training for you.

You may be confusing my wanting to use Xojo with needing to use Xojo. I do not need to use Xojo.

I am quite familiar with writing js event functions and connecting them to HTML elements thanks. It would be pretty difficult to do what I do without acquiring those skills. What I am less familiar with is manipulating the DOM directly. I do not find the DOM particularly intuitive and have had little need to resort to it, possibly because js events work as they should.

As I said, I am evaluating whether there is any mileage in (my business) committing more time and money to Xojo. HTML / CSS / JS is not difficult so much as it is long-winded.

Sorry for trying to help.

If indeed you want to use another development tool, just go ahead. Good buy.

Muting this thread more unpleasant and senseless by the day.

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My advice is to check your attitude when asking for help

I have thanked @Michel_Bujardet for his assistance at every step. I have been open and honest throughout. @Michel_Bujardet is not responsible for my decision to abandon his workaround. Handling .gotFocus in a centralised location under another name looked counter-intuitive and wrong to me. My client’s developer agreed. Perhaps the workaround could be improved upon but as I said, it appears to be a rabbit hole.

@Michel_Bujardet is not responsible for Xojo Inc choosing to sell product that I am sure a majority of visual developers and web developers would agree, does not meet a reasonable expectation of minimum viable product. Neither is @Michel_Bujardet responsible for Xojo Inc choosing to leave customers with dysfunctional product when update entitlement expires. It is not only text fields that fail to respond to pointer driven focus changes (2020R2.1) but every control with focus events. There are lots of faults I can and do tolerate in development tools but the P in WiMP stands for Pointer after all.

The thrust of this thread is concerned with cutting one’s losses and controlling sunk cost. On the surface Xojo should fit my business need to rapidly develop short lived and rudimentary applications. As I said, I did very well out of Real Basic and Real Studio to a lesser extent. I want to use Xojo (rather than need to) but such is conditional on a rational cost / benefit that Xojo does not currently meet. The Xojo license cost must be considered an ongoing annual subscription and may require 3rd party additions with additional update costs. With so many subscriptions competing for my attention and Open Source providing a predictable alternative, $800 PA for Xojo is way too much risk.

As for attitudes, we all have our own beliefs. If there is some requirement to ‘touch one’s forelock’ before asking for assistance in this forum please make it clear in the ToS. Personally I feel it is inflammatory and rude to insinuate people asking for highly specific assistance are more generally deficient and require training in some other discipline. @Michel_Bujardet may believe differently. Such does not prejudice my sincere thanks for his help.

I trust my position is clear.

Using 2022R1.1 the event GotFocus is fired when clicking on the field - you need to look at a workaround or upgrade your Xojo version I’m afraid.

Xojo is very good for desktop apps, less for the other platforms
I have a big web 2 project, and I finally love it the way it is
mainly because I have a companion desktop app, and I can reuse most of the code from it.
I spend quite a lot of time adapting user interface for the web, but gain a lot in reusing the code.

if you start a new project from scratch (and with not uptodate xojo version) , and you have a background in web development,
I’m pretty sure you will not love xojo for web, it’s so different.

and again, websdk is the way to go, almost mandatory for any important web project.