WebTextArea enhanced formatting

I have a page I want to make in Xojo that has some formatted text (bold, underline, bullet list, etc.) and some buttons next to the text. I am trying to decide the easiest way to do this with Xojo.

With a WebTextArea control it is easy to overlay WebButtons but I can’t find a way to format the text in this type of control. Only some of the text needs to be bolded and underlined and I can’t figure out how to insert bullets (I could use an asterisk but would rather not).

WebHTMLViewer can do the formatting (using HTML) but WebButtons can’t be on top of this type of control (I believe; let me know if I am wrong about that). I would either have to put the buttons outside of the WebHTMLViewer control (not a good option for this page) or put the buttons inside the control and add some code to listen for button presses (I’d like to avoid this route).

I have already seen the YUI Rich Text Editor example but I don’t think this is what I am looking for. I want to edit in Xojo, not the app.

Thanks in advance for your help.