Webstyles should support non installed fonts

FR :
To better support Linux clients, I want to use a font specific to that platform called DejaVu Sans, which is neither installed on Mac, nor on Windows. Since the style editor gives access only to fonts installed on the machine, the only workaround is to install the IDE on Linux, then create a style there for that font. Or to copy the font from the Linux distro, and install it on my machine. That is rather cumbersome.

Please consider being able to indicate a font name by typing it in.


The other workaround is to export the style as XML, modify the font, and load again. Cumbersome too, but that is what I had to do.

Since one never knows which machine will be visiting the web app, limiting fonts to the development machine list is not very rational.

install it once on your developer-machine, select it as a font in the style and embed it with css in header. this works for me like a charm.

That is indeed a possible workaround for Linux, but what for Android ? It would take having an Android rooted device to be able to snatch the fonts. Same thing for iOS. Although most fonts on it are common with Mac, some may not be, and again, it would take a jailbroken iOS device to be able to get the font. For iOS still, what about developers using Windows ? They won’t have the same collection of fonts as Mac OS X does.

No, really, this whole business of being able to use only fonts in the developer system is in total contradiction with the very principles of web development, and the HTML standard, where a developer should be able to specify a font and a list of alternatives. As it stands, the way it works is not bad in itself ; setting a list of possible fonts is in the spirit of that. The only thing lacking is the possibility to enter a name manually.

The XML hack works flawlessly, though. But as I have hints that the WebStyles could evolve in the near future, it is the best time to write to Santa :slight_smile:

my “workaround” works both android and iOS without problems (and by the way: im working on a mac :wink: not linux)

You have not read my original post very well, have you ? I need to add DejaVu Sans which is a Linux font to a project I develop on a Mac. Linux was a reference to my particular problem at the moment. I would not even start guessing which environment you work on. So, how do you get a font that exists only there from an Android or iOS device to install it on your Mac ?

Oh… dang sorry. Now i understand. Question to my following screenshot: is that the font you like to use (its an android emulator)?

Looks like it. I actually need it to show some of the symbols it contains that emulate the Mac and Windows WingDings font.

In general, all devices have decent and equivalent text fonts, but pictograms are another story.