Webstyles - get css values


is there is any way, to get all the css values that store under of styles.css for a specific webstyle ? Iknow, that webstyle is not a class, but any other way to get webstyles’s values …?

Using the WebControlCSS.Convert, you can get the webstyle’s css values on dictionary and then to handle them.

I have the following questions :

A) Why the convert command returns an array of WebControlCSS classes ? There is any way, to return more than one WebControlCSS class ?
B) When you modify the dictionary’s data of the WebControlCSS , is it possible to save on existing webstyle element ?

FIrst of all, WebControlCSS is part of the WebSDK.

It returns an array because a WebStyle can contain all four pseudo states: Normal, Hover, Visited and Link.

It is a one-way conversion because WebSDK developers need a way to convert what end-users are used to using (WebStyles) into something that the page can actually understand.

Thanks Greg for the clarifications.

I have the following problem (on WebSDK) :
The existing css values of the websdk widget, override the webStyle css values. So I want when the end-user select any webstyle for the WebSDK widget, the webStyle css values to come with “!important” , so override any existing css value.

Any suggestion ?

I suggest parsing them and generating them yourself with an ID selector and ignoring the class selector altogether.