WebStyle problem

I create a style SystemSmall, bold in Windows 7 x86
I assign it to a WebPage label or a label on a Container… I can see the style is changing.
I run the app but… the style is the default style…
Am I doing something wrong?

Try making the webLabel multiline.

open the developer tools of your browser and inspect die label’s CSS properties. is the font-weight bold applied?

Or post a screenshot of the developer tools css properties.

Michel, the label is multiline. Lars, what di you mean font-weight applied? I use Chrome, i will inspect and let you know.

it does not affect bold only but the webstyle fnctioning in general. show image.on the left isas it is shown. At the right how it is shown in design time when the style shown at the bottom applied.


Don’t use “SmallSystem” or “System”. Browsers don’t know what that is.

I make cahngesin font toSerif, I changed font size,Ieven delete and recreate the font style but It fails. Whatever I set I get the same results results.