Webstyle Padding does not work

Just made a style with Padding for a WebLabel. It just does not pad. Text remains at the borders of the weblabel. What is going wrong?

It just doesn’t pad. You should check Feedback for a report, and file one if none exists. Not sure I’ve ever made the padding stuff work with anything.

Then what does it do? Or is it offered in the IDE for fun.

Workaround proposal:

Function PadString(reu as string, padCount as integer) as string dim s() as string redim s(2*padCount) s(padCount) = reu return join(s,&uA0)
Adds padCount non-breaking spaces to each end of reu.

It doesnt work, I filed the report a while back, if you look you will see that I provided a workaround, really simple, just add the CSS for the web style in the HTML header for the padding and you will be fine. I use this hack every day.

Here is what I put in the App HTML Header.

<style> .styPageHeader P, .styPageHeader DIV, .styPageHeader SPAN { padding-left: 5px !important; } </style>

And the WebLabel… Let me count the ways that this control is broken if you’re not doing multi-line.