Webstyle on ContextualMenu

Is it possible to apply a Webstyle on a ContextualMenu? The default Style looks awful :wink:

You can build your own using WebContainers (that’s what I did, they include additional features like icons too) otherwise with some work you can dynamically provide CSS for your page. I’m pretty sure you can even use HandlSpecialURL to provide dynamically created CSS through code but I’ve yet to experiment with this.

The App has an HTMLHeader where you can include HTML to reference some custom CSS otherwise you can use the page shown event to call executejavascript with some custom css as well.

Of course… silly me, how could I forgot – it’s Xojo – build your own control :wink:

I feared such an answer. Thank you for the reply.

I actually enjoy and prefer to build my own controls ~ as it gives me more “control” in the long run. I have that the WebContainers work amazingly well at all sorts of things. Most of my interface is just a series of WebContainers within WebContainers.

And when I do use a built in control, I always subclass it. That way in the future I can always add new features to it without having to replace the controls all over my project.