WebStyle modifications not saved

In 2013R3, when I modify a WebStyle and just change a color for example then save the project, it’s not saved !
I’ve lost a lot of styles correction and never understood why I sometimes lost them… now I think it’s a IDE bug.

Did anybody went through this ?

Theres a bug report about editing of web styles not dirtying the projects
See 29960

Thanks @Norman Palardy

I’ll wait for the fix (it’s not in 3.1 FC1 yet)

No its not.
Unfortunately it’s a bit bigger job to fix than a point release.
But it IS on my list of things to fix.

I’m experiencing the same issue.
Web styles changes are not saved, I have a lot of them and have to review them all every time I reopen the app in the IDE.
As long as the app is open in the IDE the webstyles are correct and the generated program is correct.
Closing and reopening the a

Closing and reopening the app make the changes to disappear.

I was burned by this a lot this morning, gave me quite the head scratcher. On 14r1.1!

I had to add stuff then delete to “dirty” it.

I’ve added it to my Feedback, interestingly enough it went from 730th to 134th :slight_smile:

Same here, latest version.

Is there at least a work around? I mean, like, saving binary, saving as new filename each time? I strongly prefer renaming each time than reviewing styles… :-/

// edit:
Wait, I just checked the bug and it says it has been fixed on 2014R2, so what am I experiencing? I changed properties (text alignment etc) and saved several times afterwards without closing the IDE but then the IDE crashed and when reopening the file the styles were not correct…

Also, checking the history of the styles (I save as xojo project, regular) there was only one version ever saved…

If you have steps that we can use to reproduce he problem, please file a new bug report.

Hi Greg,

I actually don’t. It happens randomly from my perspective. I rarely close xojo (maybe related?) and was saving xojo project (non binary), that’s all I can think of…

I will try to make some sense of it and if I get an idea I will write a bug report.


I have the same problem too. 2014 R3.1
But it only happens with non-binary projects. :wink:

Same issue here

Norman states above, about changes to webstyles not dirtying the project… But that is not the issue I am seeing.
If I change a text style property, for example, colour or font style - my project gets dirtied as expected (ie a “*” appears appended to the project name in the top left of the IDE window.

If I then click Save, the project appears to get saved ok (no errors).

However, if I then check the WebStyle code (text project, NOT binary), I can see that the style code timestamp has not been updated, and the changes have not been saved at all (ie the style code remains unchanged).

This is really annoying, as I have a number of Projects which share common code elements (that is why I use Text based projects) - but all CHANGES to WebStyles never get saved! (If I ADD a new property to a Style or REMOVE a property, then ALL changes get saved, once.)

Would be fab if Xojo could fix this!

Same issue! :frowning:

I have styles for pages and links, etc… I change the back ground and text color. Save the project and then reopen it, and the change doesn’t stay.

Version 2015 Release 2.2

Update… I was able to get the style change to stick by adding a parameter “dirtying” the style, so it would save. In this case, I added a Font family to any thing I needed changed.

Think that bug has been fixed for an upcoming release