Website Store & Xojo Pro lack of info

A couple of people have mentioned to me today that the new Website does not explained what “Xojo Pro” includes for the price.

EVERYTHING. You get all licenses, works on 3 machines, access to the betas and more.

Should be pointed out of the website which it is not by the looks of things. So just to confirm Xojo Pro is Console, Desktop, Web & Databases. Correct?



Yeah, I just looked. It’s not really clear and I did not see a reference to it in the FAQ. But in the press release they put out today, it talks about Pro and how it includes everything.

Just thought I would mention it. Can only help with the launch… :slight_smile:

As i have been using this software for many years i can catch the jist of what the licenses offer at a glance. However, If you are trying to obtain new customers it is not at all clear what licenses do what. I would suggest you offer a short description somewhere so new users will not have any questions and delay the purchase process.