Website Scraping and Avoiding IP Blockage

I am building a dictionary app based on the appealing website I made a command line Java Program that entails the code for capturing word definitions from with every solid request. It worked successfully until I realized that my IP was blocked by the website and stopped getting data. I would like to figure out a way to gather my dictionary data within a scope of privacy where can get these elements without getting my IP address totally blocked.!

You need to contact them and license their content.

This is explained in their Terms of Use which state:

1.3. Do not systematically retrieve content to create another product

thanks tim

I need to build a dictionary app, where would I need to go to get their definitions legally?

I’m not sure what their licensing may look like, I would use that contact link if you were interested in theirs specifically.

I searched Google briefly for an open source dictionary and found this which has a permissive license:

I looking for something similar to this at: OPTED v0.03 Letter A ( but this one is two old.

A plaint text english dictionary

please check for your self if its too old.