Website Development and SEO best Services ?

I bought several new domains this week, and have got so far 14 different Indian developers all offering wondrous SEO, development, mobile support and probably special blessing from a yogi priest as extra.

Somehow that made me think of the phony job offers Dave talked about.

This people must be pretty desperate to spam Whois like that. I have had a couple dozen domains for years, this is the first time I see such a horde.

I can confirm that even here in Italy just buy a domain, of any kind, begins the assault …
Before the Polish programmers, then the Albanian programmers arrived, now the Indians …
I think in the near future there will be cheap Martian programmers …

If you want to come to bergamo:

I was in Bergamo once on business in the early 90’s. I was fortunate to have a bit of free time and visit the Citta Alta. I wish I had more time to play tourist. I have fond memories of the city and the very nice people I met there.

Use the contact obfuscation services. They are cheap and stop the onslaught of this crap. Namecheap, for example, offers it for ~$2/yr. Your sanity is worth that.

It was down when I ordered the new domains. Now it’s own. Hopefully it will curb the invasion.

Funny, when I did a transfer a couple days ago with Namecheap, theirs would not activate. Had to open a ticket, which just got resolved this morning. Was yours through them too?

No, it is DirectNic, my registrar. Unless they subcontract to NameCheap.

I just spent a while applying new filters on the email address I use for domains, and send to the trash anything that reads in body and signature like web services, ranking, mobile services, web development, and other detritus :wink: