Websession.RemoteAddress always showing up

I am wondering…
Websession.RemoteAddress always showing up in debug mode and on the server.
What could be the reason for that? is the localhost address of your machine. That is standard.

You could try connecting to your device from another one, say your phone & check the ip address for that session.

Actually we need to know a little more about your server configuration…

  • Are you running CGI or Standalone
  • If standalone, are you running it behind a load balancer or proxy?
  • What version of Xojo are you using?

CGI on a Mac OS X 10.10.5/Server 5.0.15
XOJO 2016 R2.1

Actually everything works, just always showing the same RemoteAddress ( where ever I connect from.

I’d be curious if you see the same problem if your app is compiled with 2016r1. We added some proxy forwarding headers in r2 and I’m wondering if they’re conflicting.

Thank you Greg.
Unfortunatly it is not possible to run build or check for errors in 2016r1.
Any Idea wich part from 2016r2.1 is the troublemaker?

Just built a webapp in 2016r1 with a button to show a MSGBox with the Session.RemoteAddress.
It is also
Does this work for you?

You’re accessing the app from a different computer than the one running the CGI, right? :slight_smile:

yes, it is published on a server.

Seems not to be a XOJO version problem.
Same behaviour also in 2015r2.4

[quote=285834:@christian breu]Seems not to be a XOJO version problem.
Same behaviour also in 2015r2.4[/quote]
if that’s the case then I suspect that the web server on your server is rewriting the headers.