WebSegmentedControl Issue

I have a 3 tab segmented control on my web app. I know that the web segmented control has a bunch of issues, but I can’t find this one on the forum; When I go to run the app I get an error "there is more than one item with this name and its not clear to which it refers" The offending line of code is;
ItemViewer.wsc.selected(0) where;
ItemViewer is the host page
wsc is the web segmented control

wsc is used only once throughout the project so there is no control name ambiguity. Any clues?

could also mean that there are NO items with this name. As there’s no WebSegmentedControl.Selected() method, I’d guess that’s what it’s complaining about.

Edit: There IS a method (although it’s listed as a property in the docs).

If you are trying to SET that value, you need to use the form:

itemviewer.wsc.selected(0) = True

If you are trying to GET the value you need to use the form:

booleanValue = itemviewer.wsc.selected(0)

I think that you may be quite right here. When I first placed the control on the form segmented(0) was highlighted during design, but when I applied a style to it, the problem started. It appears that the WebSegmentedControl doesn’t like styles.
I ended making up my own using labels and styles. Its identical, but without the issues of the original. Thank heavens for CSS