WebSearchField "Recent Searches Menu" only appears in Safari

in Xojo 2016r3 create a new Web Project.

  1. Drag a WebSearchField control onto the default page (WebPage1).
  2. Run project.

In Safari, the WebSearchField shows a disclosure “arrow” symbol which gives a list of recent searches when clicked.

In Chrome and Firefox, it does not. (this is on El Capitan, latest versions of all browser)

Is this a known issue? A bug? I couldn’t find any mention of it in the language reference or the forums.

Check the input type for when you’re viewing in those browsers, if it’s search then it’s a browser failure.
According to this page http://wufoo.com/html5/types/5-search.html it didn’t exist in Chrome until around v17.

In this instance, I think it is simply a feature of Safari that does not exist in these other browsers.

It is not impossible to emulate, though.

Michel and Tim - Thank you for your answers.

I was mostly checking to make sure I wasn’t missing something obvious and/or that there wasn’t something amiss with Chrome and Firefox on my machine.

Seems to me like the language reference should mention that the WebSearchField controls behavior varies from browser to browser. As it stands, I’d say it implies the control works in all browsers which appears not to be the case.

Tim - I’ll check input type. Will be interesting to see what it is.

You cannot say the control does not work in all browsers. You can just say Safari added something to that control. It is quite different.

Xojo provides STANDARD CONTROLS on every supported browser. In this instance, the standard HTML5 Input field.

Michel - in the language reference, in the entry for WebSearchField it says:

[i]Recent Searches Menu

The searches on the Recent Searches menu are stored in a cookie and are specific to the name of the WebSearchField within an application. For example, if you have two WebSearchFields with the name “SearchField1” in the same application, the user will see the same Recent Searches menu for both. However, if the two WebSearchFields have different names or are in different applications, the menus will not contain the same data.[/i]

I think it’s fair to say that implies this is how the WebSearchField will behave. That it will have a “Recent Searches Menu” available. And in Safari it does. In other browser it does not.

All I am saying is that it would be useful to say something along the lines of:

The behavior of this field will vary depending on how the browser implements it.

As it stands now, I think a user reading the LR will infer that this behavior is consistent in all browsers. It is not.

If a user were only testing in Safari, they might (wrongly for sure) assume that the behavior in Safari would carryover to other browsers. A simple disclaimer in the LR would help prevent that.

Do you disagree?

And what I should have said and meant to say above is “works consistently in all browsers.” Clearly it “works” in the sense that the control is rendered, events are raised correctly.

Actually, once again, the Apple bias has pushed Xojo into an error.

Indeed they should not mention a behavior that neither other Mac browsers nor Windows browsers exhibit.

You should file a feedback report.


Thank you for keeping on my toes though Michel!

I could have been a bit clearer in my first response regarding the nature of my concern with the LR.

Feedback url: feedback://showreport?report_id=45322

Also, the little “x” to clear the search field does not appear in browsers other than Safari.