WebSDK Non-Visual-Control

I have no issue sending values back from JS to Xojo, but challenges in getting values from Serialize(js as JSONItem). Does anyone have a hint on how I can catch this data in JS? Or if that is the wrong way, how to get a variable from Xojo into JS? I’m puzzled and the documentation doesn’t help me either, nor the examples (which are empty in regards to this).

The JSON that you create in the serialize method come to your JavaScript code in the UpdateControl method.

Ok - that’s what I assumed, this all sounds like a mistake in my JS. Helps already a lot to know that I’m on the right path! Thank you.


Okay, issue found:

jeannotTooStupidToWorkWithTheBrowserDebuggerFlag = true

For future readers: NOT a Xojo problem :wink: - sleep and cup of coffee helped in my case and the confirmation of Greg that it does work the way described in the documentation.

Yes @Greg_O_Lone it would be nice to have some more exemples of websdk
more complex examples than those in the actual example folder please !

@Jeannot_Muller : your free tecc examples are nice, but encrypted… if you could make one of them unencrypted ?

thanks anyway.


Everything is working now. Just a quick heads up: the icons are not working for WebSDKControl, they do once I’m switching the class to WebSDKUIControl (which doesn’t make sense in my case, as this call is w/o any new control output), Means WebSDKControl classes can’t have an icon. I opened Feedback case


for it. But priority is of course very low, unless the solution is only a few clicks away :wink: