WebSDK Examples not working for me


Thanks you you folks, everything’s working (note my reply to Alberto). I appreciate your custom WebSDK example, which now works swimmingly,


It’s worth pointing out that WebSDK is an advanced topic and not really meant for new users.


I’m totally with you, Tim. I only looked into it because another user intimated that we can transcend some of our current styling limitations by using WebSDK. Ricardo seemed also enthusiastic about it (he doesn’t know my limitations) so I figured I’d at least give it a preview to see what it could actually do if and when I was ready for it.

Now that I’m really looking at the examples you folks helped me to get running, your advice seems particularly a propos.


There is a lot you can achieve without using the Web SDK, building and combining Container controls:

But I understand the very first control you create with the SDK can be challenging. The second one will surely be much easier.

There is a file under Extras > WebSDK > WebSDK Docs.pdf that is a very good starting point and explains the concepts in more detail. To begin, my recommendation is to create the simplest control you can think of. Like a simple non interactive label.

Give it a try and feel free to ask any question you have. We are here to help! :slight_smile:

We’ll prepare more documentation and examples in the meantime.

I made a vertical navbar using … websdk and pure bootstrap ! it was months before this xojo blog article went out…

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I’m building a container control right now. Between that and creating some backgrounds in Affinity Designer, I have sidestepped the WebSDK issue for now, though I did get a few controls to work from the Extras folder and kind of understand the principle.


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That sounds perfect! You can achieve a lot using just containers. The SDK will be there if you need it, and we all will be here happy to help if you have any question.