WebPopupMenu options list cut off by parent WebRectangle

My WebPopupMenu list is being cut off by its parent WebRectangle object. How can I get the drop-down list to extend its parent’s boundaries?

This was reported nearly two years ago and was closed as By Design. You can probably unparent it, but I’d argue that the “By Design” designation means that it’s a poor design.


Does the desktop equivalent do the same?

I think Ricardo just fixed the issue for the next release. Issue #68601


Thanks for providing that link. Before the next release, it looks like I can use the following in Opening event of WebRectangle which seems to working fine:

Me.Style.Value("Overflow") = ""

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Uhm, sorry but #62491 looks similar but different from #68601. That workaround will still be necessary in 2022r3.

Can somebody please raise an Issue and nominate it?

I requested #62491 be reopened and nominated for the Bug Bash


I’ve just reopened the case @Tom_Dixon, can you please add the special [BugBash2022Nominee] comment so the bot can do its magic?



I created an extends function to handle this

Public Sub OverflowParents(extends Source as WebControl, assigns value as Boolean)
  If Source <> Nil Then
    Var parentRoots() As WebControl
    Var Current As WebControl = source.Parent
    While ( Current IsA WebControl ) And ( Not Current IsA WebPage )
      parentRoots.add Current
      Current = current.Parent
    Var set As String
    Var id As String
    Var s As String
    For Each Item As WebControl In parentRoots
      set = If( value , "visible" , "Hidden" )
      id = item.ControlID
      s = "document.getElementById('" + id + "').style.overflow='" + set + "';"
    Next Item 
  End If
End Sub

I call it in the Opening event of the WebPopupMenu

Me.OverflowParents = True