WebPopupMenu on a webdialog

On a Web app, can I populate a webpopupmenu from a database where the webpopupmenu is on a webdialog?

Yes. If you have a session-level connexion, simply add the code that populates the webpopupmenu in a method on the webdialog and call it from an appropriate event. For example, from the shown event of the webdialog. If you don’t have a session-level connexion, then the method should first connect to the database.

Thanks Louis, Couldn’t even get me.addrow(“one”) to work eliminating all the database stuff. But when I put the me.addrow(“one”) in the shown event of the cmbDivision (webpopupmenu which is on the WebDialog) instead of the shown event of WebDialogParticipants1 it started working.

You should be able to handle everything from the webdialog itself. Since we are not seeing any code, it is difficult to see where the problem could be.

Now, just a guess. You tried Me.Addrow(“One”) in the shown event of the webdialog. This will attempt to add a row to the webdialog, not to the control. In the WebDialogParticipants1 shown event, I would use something like Me.cmbDivision.addrow(“One”). This should work.