WebPopupMenu jumping around and not selecting in Edge

Is there a work around for the WebPopupMenu jumping around when trying to select an item or not selecting anything with a click of the mouse. Arrow keys don’t seem to work correctly either. The page has no timer on it so once object is populated just sites for “SelectionChanged” but in Edge, the “SelectionChanged” doesn’t always work and some times when there is a scroll bar, the selection list jumps around.

It looks like an old bug.

When a webtimer is on the same page, the webpopupmenu jumps around. If you replace the WebTimer by a regular timer (super Timer) the problem goes away.

There is no webtimer on the page.

Dug a little deeper and found a Webtimer in a container control on the page. That being said the bug should still needs to be fixed.

Indeed. There is bug report filed back in 2012.

What version of Xojo is this?

Ok, so I just tested this with 2017r3 and Edge 16 on Windows 10 and I can’t reproduce it using the EEWeb project and the steps included. If someone has another example that shows the problem, I’d like to see it.

Put a webtimer on the page.

I would be much more comfortable with a user supplied example project. Whenever we create the project, we run the risk of not fixing your particular issue in the process.

ok. I created a web project with two controls. A WebPopupMenu with 10 items in it and a WebTimer which fires every 1 second.

When I run the app and access it using Edge 16 on Windows 10, the popup menu works just as expected and I don’t see any “jumping around”.

Here’s the project I created: Download

@Steve Koger – Thank you! The example you posted on that case shows exactly what you’re doing that I was not. In your case the specifics are:

MS Edge Browser viewing a Web Page with a WebPopupMenu, a WebTimer and a WebContainer which in turn contains an intermediate WebProgressBar and another WebTimer. Removing any one of the components manifests the aberrant behavior.

Because this is such a very specific case, I’ve opened a new case. <https://xojo.com/issue/51363>