webpopup doesn't work in webcontainer (rows of values filled but not shown)

Hi there,

When a webpopup is placed within a webcontainer, the values are not shown (no dropdown) when values are loaded from AddRow (or from a database).
I can check that values are there using a mousedown event on the webpopup to show the values.

The same webpopup placed on a page works fine.

For values filled from the IDE it works fine.

I have created a feedback case on Dec 19 (<https://xojo.com/issue/31331>) but I see no reaction there, still “needs review” status.
The case is public and there’s a sample app showing the problem.

It’s a big issue as I (should) have many webpopups displayed in webcontainers, all of them filled from database tables.

Tested with Xojo 2013r3.2, r3.3 and r4.1
Tested with Safari, Chrome and Firefox
IDE on OSX 10.9

I really hope someone have a workaround.

Thanks !

Hhhmmm…we have 2 very big web apps that use popup menu’s all the time and they’re all in containers. Are you trying to load them in the Open event?

There was a bug we found that doing a DeleteAllRows in the Open event caused something like this so we did a check to see if row count =0 and if there weren’t any rows we didn’t do the delete.

Hi Bob,

Yes the popups are loaded in the open event.
If I add a mousedown event I can see I have rowcount > 0 and I can loop thru the values.
I tried testing the rowcount before the DeleteAllRow but this doesn’t solve it.

If not in the open event, where can I load the values ?

I’ll do more tests tomorrow, now Xmas eve’s starting (7pm here),

So Merry XMas !

This was supposedly fixed in R4. <https://xojo.com/issue/30361> But you might have another edge case.

I downloaded the project you put in Feedback and if I do this in ccWebPopup.Open it works as expected.

if pu.ListCount > 0 then pu.DeleteAllRows end

Hey Bob,

Testing listcount solves the problems, you saved my day.

Thanks again and Merry Xmas !

I’ve seen this arise for desktop apps using popupmenu…sporadically as well. Placing deleteallrows in the open event works there as well.

Desktop problems a bit different. Without the DARows sometimes it won’t populate, other times will populate twice. Have been waiting for a fix since 2012r1… didn’t exist in previous releases. Haven’t noticed this for Web edition… now I’m curious :slight_smile:

That’s an interesting bug. As a workaround, move the code from the WebContainer’s Open event to the PopupMenu’s Open event and it appears to work just fine.

Thanks Greg.
Bob solution to perform DeleteAlllRows only when rows exist is working fine.

I’ll try your workaround as well but I have multiple PopupMenus which are based on one another (like country / state) and as such they have to be filled in the right sequence (country before state). How are the Open event processed ? In Tab Order sequence ?

Thanks anyway and Merry Xmas.